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To your new online resource for optimal, more balanced hormones.

Do you struggle with low energy, brain fog, difficulty losing weight, hair loss, acne, irregular periods, irritability & mood swings, difficulty remembering things & concentrating, painful or heavy periods, headaches, or difficulty getting pregnant?
So do most of the women who come in to see me.

That's why I have created my online Hormone Reset Masterclass, so that I can help more women like you who are struggling to feel their best. 

Throughout my 6-module online course, I will teach you how to...


Track Your Menstrual Cycle

Learn about the four phases of the menstrual cycle, how to calculate Basal Body Temperature, and how to best support your hormones and yourself throughout your menstrual cycle. 

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Uncover Hormone Imbalances

Using my unique hormone symptom checklist, you will be able to identify hormone imbalances in your sex hormones, adrenal glands, and thyroid. These are the exact symptoms that I ask daily to each of my patients. 


Regulate & Optimize Your Hormones

After identifying your hormone imbalance(s), you will be able to read explanations of each individual hormone imbalance and tie certain ones together, so that you truly understand what is going on in your body and then, secondly, what we can do to regulate and optimize those levels. 

At the end of this course, you will understand what hormones are, how to track your menstrual cycle, what the phases of the menstrual cycle are, how birth control affects your cycle,  what optimal hormone ranges are, how to identify your individual hormone imbalances, how to regulate and optimize your own hormones, and how to maintain hormone balance. 

You will receive:


Online Guidance

Directly from The Hormone Doctor. 

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Detailed Explanations

About each individual hormone imbalance.


Symptom Checklists

To uncover your hormone imbalances.


Comprehensive Protocols

Including at-home treatments. 

If you find yourself saying that you just "feel off" or that you haven't felt like yourself since _______, then this course is for you.  

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