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An Introduction to Hormones

Hormones are absolutely vital to our overall health and well-being. They are our body's chemical messengers, which travel through our bloodstream from one area of the body to another affecting all of our tissues and organs. Everything from metabolism, mood, growth & development, sleep/wake cycles, stress response, reproduction, sexual function, and more - that's all hormones! It's no wonder we see complex signs and symptoms when there's an imbalance somewhere along the line.

Hormones are a balancing act

We all look and feel our best when our hormones are balanced and within their respective optimal ranges. But when something happens that throws them out of whack, oh boy! Depending on what hormone(s) is imbalanced, we can see a myriad of symptoms. The most common that I treat everyday include low energy, poor sleep, weight gain or inability to lose weight, mood changes, brain fog, low sex drive, poor stress response, hot flashes & night sweats, and so on. With hormones, it not only matters whether each one is high or low, but also how it's affecting the other hormones, too. It creates a complex (and fun!) dive into symptoms and labs to be able to effectively find the root cause and treat it.

What can I do?

Hi, I'm Dr. Jillian Smithers, a board-certified naturopathic medical doctor who spends her days finding answers for patients who've been told their labs are "normal" even though they know something is wrong. Working together, we can not only get you feeling like you did before - we can get you feeling better. I am truly grateful for all of the patients who have asked me to help them get back on their journey to health and look forward to working with you, too!

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