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Hi,  I'm Dr. Jillian Smithers

I'm a licensed naturopathic medical doctor practicing in Scottsdale and Tempe, Arizona. Almost ten years ago, I was where you are now. I knew something was wrong, that my digestive system and hormones were imbalanced, but I didn't know what to do, how to address it, or even where to start. I was in the middle of my undergraduate degree, where I was double majoring in biology and psychology with a concentration in neuroscience - yes, it was as stressful as it sounds. And you know what comes with stress? Imbalance and disease. 

Over the next several months, I went to 13 doctors. Yep, that was thirteen different doctors, including two visits to the emergency room for the worst abdominal pain I've ever experienced. I wasn't given any diagnoses or explanations of my symptoms aside from being a young female and "this stuff happens." Uhh...okay. I was prescribed pain killers, muscle relaxers, and one birth control after another. I kept telling them that I didn't want to take a prescription that wasn't actually treating my concerns, but every time I was left feeling unheard. 

I'm sure you know where this is going - that was when I found naturopathic medicine. Long story short, I finally felt like me again. No more abdominal pain. No more bloating when I ate or drank anything. No more mood swings, terrible periods, and depression.

Yes, I've been there.

Yes, it's hard work.

But YES, it's all worth it.

Not only can feel like yourself again, you can feel even better than you did before!

My mission as a naturopathic medical doctor is to help patients, one by one, rebalance their hormones, reduce their stress, and regain their life. If you'd like to learn more about how my treatments can help unlock your body's innate healing response, I would love to invite you to schedule a free meet & greet with me. Can't wait to meet you!


Sex hormone imbalances can affect men and women of all ages, leading to a myriad of symptoms. As a hormone specialist, Dr. Smithers uses comprehensive hormone testing combined with a detailed patient report to reveal, understand, and explain the imbalances. Understanding the intricacies between hormones is extremely difficult, which is why seeing a hormone specialist is really important. 


The thyroid gland regulates every cell in the body, so it's no wonder patients feel poorly when their thyroid isn't functioning properly. Oftentimes patients have had their thyroid tested in the past and were told that it was "normal," but it's important to note that within normal ranges does not mean optimal. Dr. Smithers runs a complete thyroid panel on all of her patients and specializes in optimizing its entire function. 


The adrenal glands are strong, but mighty, glands that control our stress response, sleep/wake cycles, salt/water balance, and even blood sugar. Over time, the effects of chronic stress begin to tax our adrenal glands and they respond by increasing cortisol and DHEA production. As that goes on, they can't continue releasing those hormones in those same amounts, and the hormone production declines. 



Low Energy  |  Weight Gain  |  Insomnia  |  Brain Fog  |  Low Sex Drive  |  Hot Flashes 

Night Sweats  |  Vaginal Dryness  |  Painful Intercourse  |  Infertility  |  Irregular Periods

Loss of Muscle Mass  |  Decreased Strength  |  Erectile Dysfunction

Menopause  |  Andropause  |  Hypothyroidism  |  Adrenal Fatigue


Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy  |  BioTe Hormone Pellets  |  Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy Facials & Spot Treatments  |  Microneedling  |  Vampire Facials  |  Injection Therapy

Infrared Sauna  |  Steam Shower  |  Herbal Medicine  |  Acupuncture  |  Nutritional Counseling

  Physician Grade Supplements  |  Trigger Point Injections  |  Prolotherapy  |  Platelet Rich Plasma

Food Allergy Panels  |  Advanced Diagnostic Labs and Imaging  |  Comprehensive Hormone Labs

Naturopathic medicine addresses a wide range of acute and chronic conditions including, but not limited to, hormonal imbalances, thyroid conditions, menopause, PCOS, luteal phase defects, infertility, adrenal fatigue, weight gain, low energy, anxiety, depression, SIBO, Crohn's Disease, colitis, environmental and food allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, celiac disease, psoriasis, acne, hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and much more. 

More than 90% of patients feel better in the

first 4 weeks


Samantha Knighton, 27

My favorite thing about Dr. Smithers is how confident she is in her treatments, and it shows through excellent results. I recently saw her after experiencing extreme PMS symptoms for more than 3 months. I wish I'd seen her sooner, because the treatment she prescribed to rebalance by hormones helped me see improvements within my first cycle. Not only is she a great doctor, but she is also an educator who empowers her patients to learn about their bodies. She took the time to explain what was going on in my body and how my hormone imbalances were causing my symptoms. Thank you Dr. Smithers!

Confident Businesswoman

Lauren Irvine, 42

After my 40th birthday my hormones went crazy. It was like a switch was flipped and all of a sudden I couldn't sleep, I was exhausted all day, my periods and moods became completely unpredictable, and my sex drive was gone. After meeting Dr. Smithers, she checked my hormones and explained exactly what was going on so I could understand. At my 4-week follow up I felt totally renewed - I was sleeping, I had energy again, and my sex drive was coming back. Now, after 3 months, my hormones are balanced, my periods are regular, and my cholesterol and blood sugar are better than ever!


Ann Ferguson, 56

After struggling with hot flashes, night sweats, extremely low energy, zero sex drive, and steady weight gain ever since menopause, I finally found Dr. Smithers. She's a young doctor, but the first time I met with her I was extremely impressed with her knowledge and friendliness. She explained the differences between normal and optimal lab ranges and put me on thyroid hormone and bio-identical hormone replacement, which completely changed my life. I feel better than I have in 30 years, I didn't even know I could feel this good! Thank you, Dr. Smithers, thank you!

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