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Have you ever thought of trying integrative or naturopathic medicine as an alternative to the way you treat yourself now? In this episode, you’ll hear how Dr. Jillian Smithers made the jump from traditional to naturopathic medicine, as well as her own personal medical journey.

Mika also breaks down her health issues, why she sought out Jillian’s services and how being more in tune with her body naturally has helped her. We’ll get into hormones, supplements, and other natural remedies.

Dr. Jillian Smithers is a licensed naturopathic medical doctor from Scottsdale Arizona.

You might recall that Dr. Smithers joined us on this podcast a few months ago to talk about her history with naturopathic medicine.

We’ve invited her back on to the show this week to talk about how naturopathic medicine can help women with their health.

In today’s episode, Mika opens up about the reasons why she sought Dr. Smithers out for help as well as some of her own personal struggles.

We also speak about some of the everyday questions that women have about topics like hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, thyroid health, brain fog, and a whole lot more.

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