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Hi, thank you for being here!

I'm Dr. Jillian Smithers, a naturopathic medical doctor and Founder and CEO of my private practice, The Hormone Doctor. 

Are you feeling exhausted and stressed out? Is your skin breaking out or aging quicker than you'd like? Do you constantly feel bloated and can't lose weight regardless of what you try? How about those periods...are they long, painful, super heavy, and come with a myriad of symptoms maybe even 10-14 days before your period even starts? Or maybe you've come off the birth control pill and your periods haven't returned or a bunch of new symptoms have started. Do you feel like your moods are out of control and your anxiety and/or depression are around more than they're gone? Are you keeping post-its all over your home, office, and car to keep your life on track because if it's not written down it's just not happening? 

Since you're here, probably at least a couple of those resonated with you, maybe even the whole paragraph. 

I can help you feel like yourself again

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gain the knowledge, power, and confidence to
restore your health and hormone balance

Dr. Jillian Smithers

Naturopathic Medical Doctor (N.M.D.)


I am a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, functional medicine practitioner, and Owner/CEO of my private practice, The Hormone Doctor, in Tempe, Arizona. I am originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, and moved to sunny Arizona at 22 years old to go to medical school. I graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, now called Sonoran University, in 2016. Since then, I have treated over 3000 patients for hormone imbalances and absolutely love what I get to do each day. 

Throughout my life, I've always wanted to be a doctor. That dream grew even more when I was 11 years old and my father was diagnosed with cancer. At the time of his diagnosis, he was given 6 weeks to live.


Through integrative treatments, he lived for 2.5 years and passed away when I was 13. Despite the short time that I had with him, most of our best memories are from that time, which showed me the importance and power of holistic treatments and supporting the body's natural ability to heal. 

My undergraduate degree is from Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. I graduated with a BSc. with a double major in Biology and Psychology with a Concentration in Neuroscience. For some of my time in undergrad I had veered away from wanting to become a physician and was interested in going into neuroscience research at McGill University in Montréal, until I ended up with my own health issues that lead me to see a local Naturopathic Doctor in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Throughout my 3rd year of undergrad, I had developed a dull lower left-sided abdominal pain that would come and go. Originally it was more bothersome than painful, but over time it began worsening and disrupting my daily life. I went to the clinic on campus multiple times, saw my PCP as well as two other physicians in his practice, and eventually ended up in the emergency room late one night after the pain became so excruciating that I couldn't stand up. 

Everything on the physical exam, labs, and imaging was unremarkable, meaning that we had no answers as to what was going on. Now, more than 10 years later, I am quite sure that it was an ovarian cyst that burst in addition to adrenal issues because of the high levels of stress that I had been under for so long. 

I ended up seeing a Naturopathic Doctor, who spent more time with me than I had ever experienced. In total, I saw 13 different physicians. She was the last one. She asked about my energy, sleep, periods, stress levels, happiness, diet, and more, and she recommended diet and lifestyle modifications as well as some specific supplements to support gut health, female hormones, and lowering the physical tolls of stress. 

She completely changed my life - not only did her treatments resolve my pain, but also reintroduced me to this incredible type of medicine that I feel so connected to. I am truly so grateful to her and will never forget the incredible impact that she had on my life and my health.

I believe in helping patients thrive. I believe that when we give our body the tools and nutrients that it needs, we excel. I believe that true healing involves the body, mind, and soul. I believe in positive energy. I believe in choosing happiness. And I believe in you and your ability to change the outcome of your life, starting today. 

I'm passionate about helping my patients on their journey to optimal health, so that they are each able to enjoy a great quality of life. Through listening to my patients and truly trying to understand their health goals and concerns, I help to uncover their individual  obstacles to health and work together to defeat them. With the proper tools and support (and a few supplements), I know that everyone can feel better. My job is to motivate, inspire, and empower my patients on their health journey.

How Can We Work Together?

Consulting via video chat, telemedicine, and in-office appointments across the country.


If you are a potential new client, click the link above to learn more about how my practice works, costs, FAQs, scheduling, etc.


If you are an existing client who is already on a treatment plan from Dr. Smithers, schedule a follow up through the link above. 


The Hormone Reset Masterclass walks you through figuring out what hormone imbalances you may have and how to fix them.

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Schedule an Appointment

To our valued patients: A friendly reminder that all appointments are booked in Arizona Mountain Standard Time (MST) and that late cancellation and/or no show fees will still apply in the case of a missed appointment due to the time zone difference.

Please note: Arizona does not change timezones, so the time differences will vary depending on the time of year. What we recommend is to add Phoenix to your weather app and then you will always see our current time.

Until the next time change on November 3rd, 2024, we will be on the same time as PST, an hour behind other MST states that did change time, 2 hours behind CST, and 3 hours behind EST.

To check the current, local time in Tempe, Arizona, you may click here.

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New Clients

In the Initial Consultation, new clients will meet with Dr. Smithers either in-office or virtually to review their symptoms, concerns, goals, medical history, etc. 

Following the appointment, the appropriate labs will be ordered (unless the client has recent, comprehensive labs from another provider, however, this would be extremely rare). 

Approximately two weeks after the labs have been drawn, they will do a follow up appointment to review the labs line by line and get started on treatment (lifestyle modifications, herbs, supplements, etc.). The cost of the labs and follow up appointment is not covered by the cost of the initial consult. 

Existing Clients

Existing clients, who have been seen by Dr. Smithers within the last two years, can schedule a follow up to review labs and begin or adjust treatment.


We offer both 30- and 45-min follow ups. 

If there are labs to review, especially if it is the first time that we have done labs, it is always recommended that clients schedule a 45 minute appointment so that there is ample time for a follow up intake, detailed lab review, and questions. If the client chooses the 30 minute appointment, Dr. Smithers will go through the labs quicker and the appointment will have to end at the 30-minute mark as to not run into the next appointment. 



Exclusive Supplements

Our shop is the only place where you can purchase Restore, the very popular supplement formulated and designed entirely by The Hormone Doctor. 

For patients looking to refill their supplements, please fill out the following form.

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I have been seeing Dr. Smithers now for several years and she is outstanding! She has helped me to correct my initial hormone imbalances and continues to ensure my hormones are in check through life's twists and turns. Dr. Smithers provides very clear explanations on blood work results and proposed treatment plans. Highly recommend!

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Dr. Smithers is amazing! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for hormone and overall health support. She takes the time to truly listen to your needs, and explains everything so well. She’s personable, friendly, professional and also makes you feel seen. I am so hopeful for the future thanks to her. She truly did an amazing job!

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I am so happy I made the decision to reach out to Dr. Smithers! She made me feel so hopeful during our appointment that we are going to be able to get me feeling like a normal person again. I am thankful she took the time to explain everything to me so thoroughly, and is making sure we address the issues that I am having in a thoughtful and reasonable way.

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